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photographer. queer. feminist. socialist.

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"double!", "i'm just coming", "ohhh gin!", 42, accents, adult-like comunication, all kinds of mythology, art nouveau, aunts, avant garde, bagpuss, becoming a domestic goddess, beer/gin at the pembury, being nice to people, belle & sebastian, bertram wilberforce wooster, big gay wizards, bisexuality, books, boys in eyeliner&nail-polish, buffy, cake-eating&having of, camera pr0n, camper shoes, camping, cbg to kgx, chewing gum phobia, chigley, college scarves, colour pencils, colouring in, corset addiction, cribbage, cunning plans, damerell's bad puns, dancing, darjeeling, dates, dave lister, domestic bliss, dragons' friendly society, dyslexia, erotica, eyeliner, fables, fangirling david tennant, feeling tingles, free gin by travel, fullers public&pie houses, fvcking up, george orwell, getting into scrapes, gin, girls, girls in suits, giving unsolicited advice, goth-like tendencies, gourmet pizza, graham greene, grandmas, gritty arthouse cinema, hamsters of world peace, handcuffs, having adventures, having an overactive imagination, holes in stockings, hot anonymous sex, imperial college, indie, jeeves, jill furmanovsky, john lewis, john peel, kgx to cbg, kissing, latin, legilimency, libraries, london, long afternoons with friends, lord peter wimsey, losing a screw, loud rock music, love, mad men, marks & spencers underwear, massively overcatering, meta, mornington crescent, movies, music, musicals, nick drake, noggin the nog, northern soul, opensource, orgasm friends, outdoors, parlour games, perving, philip j fry, photography, pinot nyom, politics, polyamory, pretending to be innocent, pretty t-shirts, procrastinating, purring hot water bottles, rabbi lionel blue, radio 4, randomness, reading great novels, records, rock, running late accidentally, sainsburys, sappho, sarcasm, schoolgirl lesbians with roses, sewing, sex, sharp suits, shooting from the hip, silk stockings, singing, slash, slut-like behavior, smut, snapshots, solo living, subtle piratey imagery, sunday afternoon films, swirling robes, taxidermy phobia, teenage wizards, the pembury tavern, the typing pool, theatre, thinking big thoughts, thundercats, trying not to giggle, vegetarian fry-ups, vodka = evil!, walking, weasel poo coffee, xkcd, π
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